The three D’evils!

What is it that comes as the biggest challenge in the way of an organisation towards success?


There are, and can be, an infinite number of reasons. But the three D’s, or the three Devils, look to pose a serious threat for an organisation to succeed.

 1. Defects:


When the effort and money go in fixing things which should have been done ‘right first time’, it is definitely going to cost an organization way more than it can assess! With every defect in the delivered item, it is losing the faith of the customer and it is needless to mention that eventually, it’ll lose the business.

Even, if an item is not delivered yet, then also the employees are on fixing spree, which is consuming time as well as money that could be better spent serving customers and strengthening the bottom line.

2. Delays:


Just like defects impact business, delays are also not taken positively by the customers. Delays between the process steps cost time and money and can negatively impact  the productivity and profitability.

Within the organisation, delays may lead to frustration of the employees and when the delivery is impacted, it may frustrate the customer as well.

3. Deviation


When the product or services have small to the large difference in the output, the confidence of meeting customer specifications/ needs goes down.

Think of the scenario where you are going to tighten a nut…but the bolt is not of the right size. It is going to stop your work. There are parts which are just right, while sometimes we get some parts which are too big or too small to be used.

Deviations are the unwanted difference in the output of the same process. Some amount of deviation is inherent and can be lived with…but when the deviation is beyond certain agreed limits, called the specification limits, it starts causing the problem.


So, any organization, irrespective of their industry, must be cautious of the three Devils and always work in the direction to keep these away.