Lean Six Sigma- pointers that you need it!

Is your business/organization/process sick? Are you wondering if Lean six sigma is what your business or organization needs?

If you see one or more of the following symptoms, Lean six sigma is definitely the prescription…

Customers keep complaining about your products and services

angry man

Trying too hard still the customer is unhappy with the quality of your service or product? Lean six sigma methodology comes to your rescue here. Though the subject is vast but since it is a proven, data-driven, problem-solving methodology, you can definitely look into its prospects.

Employees are complaining about the roadblocks to serving customers


Roadblocks! Try Lean! It talks about improving efficiency and removing waste. Removing wastes from the process flow and adding value lie in the core of lean philosophy. All you need to do is instil Lean principle into your organisation’s culture.

Customers are returning products for refunds


Now this is a direct indication you must go Lean-Six-sigma! Where Lean helps in increasing efficiency (improving time to serve to the customer), Six sigma  helps in increasing effectiveness (improving the quality of the service/ product).

Warranty costs are climbing

Not able to fulfil the promises you’ve made about quality and reliability of your product? Or, is the cost of post delivery maintenance and product returns making a big hole in the revenue generated? Lean six sigma can help you in establishing/ fine-tuning your processes which will generate way better quality products.

Customers are switching to your competitors


This hurts a lot! And, you would want to do anything in your capacity to retain your customers. Work on increasing efficiency and reducing defects, show the value that you provide to the customer. Adopt Lean six sigma and show your customers that you are giving them the best-in-class products/services.

Margins are going down


Lean, with its principle to ‘eliminate wastes’, may help your organisation to reduce the cost of poor quality. Identifying and weeding out non-value adding processes will help you save your money, eventually increasing your margins.

We can say that Lean six sigma can be applied wherever the processes & output quality need improvement. These are just a few points to help you relate. Even if any of these have not yet come on the surface, to stay in the business continual improvement must be any organisation’s focus.

And, wherever you want improvements, Lean six sigma is there to help!


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